Change KingRoot to SuperSU in Android | KingRoot vs SuperSU

Change KingRoot to SuperSU in Android | KingRoot vs SuperSU
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Are you looking for the easiest way to replace KingRoot with SuperSU? Here is the article that guides you about how to switch KingRoot to SuperSU. KingRoot is the best application to root your android device with just one click. Although it is a good app, there is a drawback which makes people think about how to replace KingRoot with SuperUser. That is, by default it installs KingUser app for granting SuperSU or SuperUser permissions.

To grant permissions and to manage Superuser binaries, the most popular app we all know is SuperSU. Even if we want to get that app it is getting difficult because uninstalling the KingRoot app is not possible after rooting your android device. If you are facing such problem, then you may want to change KingRoot to SuperSU app. Here, in this article, you can know how to remove KingRoot and install SuperSU. So, follow the steps and replace KingRoot with SuperSU easily.

KingRoot vs SuperSU

By rooting your android device, you can get access to additional settings i.e., it enables you to unlock various possibilities in your device. On rooting your device you can do the things easily which you can’t do with the default device. To root the device we all look for the best root app. KingRoot is one of the top rooting apps with which we can root our android device without PC. But as we discussed above there are some drawbacks which make the user replace KingRoot with SuperSU.

SuperSU is the popular app which we all know that it grants rooting permissions and manages Superuser binaries. Although the KingRoot app roots your android device, its functionality is limited. So, for the people who want to make the complete use of the rooted device, the SuperSU is the best option.

There are different ways to switch from KingRoot to SuperSU. They are as follows,

  • Replace KingRoot with SuperSU app
  • Replace KingUser with SuperSU using the Terminal method
  • Remove KingRoot and Install SuperUser using SuperSU Me app

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1: How to Replace KingRoot with SuperSU app?

  1. In your Android device or mobile, open the play store.
  2. Search for SuperSU app and click on it.
  3. Tap on Install button.
  4. Wait till the Installation completes.
  5. Open that app and give permission as a Superuser.
  6. After that, Uninstall the KingRoot app.
  7. Now, update the SuperUserbinary.
  8. Finally, reboot your phone. That’s it.

This is the easiest way to replace KingRoot with SuperSU. You can follow this process on any rooted android device. It all takes just two steps in which one is installing SuperSU app and other is uninstalling KingRoot app. The step-by-step process is mentioned above. So, just try this easy method first to replace KingRoot with SuperUser. If it doesn’t work on your device then try out the below-mentioned methods.

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2: How to Replace KingUser with SuperSU using Terminal Emulator?

  1. To remove KingUser and install SuperSU with the Terminal method, it requires two things,
    • Terminal Emulator App.
    • A zip folder with all necessary files.
  2. Download Zipped File here.
  3. Now, extract the Zipped ‘Replace Kinguser with SuperSU’ file using file manager.
  4. There you can find a folder named ‘MRW’. Move that folder to any of the folders in your internal storage.
  5. Now, Download Terminal Emulator app from your app store and install it.
  6. Open that app and type the command SU in the terminal. After writing that command tap enter.
  7. Now, it will ask you to grant the root permissions. Grant it.
  8. Next, you need to type the command sh /sdcard/mrw/ After typing that command press enter.
  9. If it shows any warning messages or any errors on the screen, ignore it.
  10. Now, wait for some time so that it launches the SuperSU app automatically.
  11. If it doesn’t launch the app, then go to the app store and install the SuperUser app manually.
  12. On opening that app, it asks you to update “Superuser Binary”. Click on continue and select the Normal Mode.
  13. Now, it will ask you to remove the other Superuser applications like KingRoot.
  14. Finally, click OK and that’s it you are done with replacing KingUser with SuperSU.
  15. It automatically removes/uninstalls the KingRoot app from your android device.
  16. Once reboot your android device. Thus, you have successfully Uninstalled KingRoot app and installed SuperSU. Now the SuperSU will work perfectly on your device by uninstalling the KingUser App.

This method is the safe method which works on almost all android devices if you type a few lines of easy codes. This method is safe as long as you follow the above steps carefully or else it may break your android device. I have tried on different android mobiles and it worked successfully. So, if the first method fails, you can go with this Terminal method to replace KingRoot with SuperSU. If you are confused or scary because of the commands then there is another method that is as follows.

3: How to Remove KingRoot using SuperSU Me Pro App?

  1. On your android device or phone, open the google play store and search for SuperSU Me Pro and install it.
  2. Open that app. It will ask to grant the Superuser permissions. Click on Grant and give Superuser permissions to that app.
  3. Now on the screen, you can see a Big Green Android. Click on it.
  4. It starts replacing KingRoot with SuperSU.
  5. As it takes maximum 2-3 minutes based on the device compatibility, just wait till the process completes.
  6. After the completion of that process, it automatically launches the SuperSU app on your android device.
  7. Finally, if you want you can uninstall the SuperSU Me Pro app from your android device.

This is another simplest way to replace KingRoot with SuperSU. Above I have provided two more simple methods. The first process is easy but if it doesn’t work you can go with the second method. If the terminal method seems to be difficult because of the commands, etc. you can try out this SuperSU Me Pro app method. Here it just takes one step to replace KingRoot with SuperUser app i.e., installing the SuperSU Me Pro app. Thus, it uninstalls the KingRoot app and installs the SuperSU app for you.


This is my article regarding How to replace KingRoot with SuperSU. All the methods I discussed above are the best methods which work on any android device as per my knowledge. Check the process clearly and go with the method you are comfortable with. If you think there is any other easy method to remove KingRoot and install SuperSU, please let me know through comments. It costs nothing to share our knowledge right!! 😉

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