Download KingRoot for PC Windows | How to root Android with KingRoot PC?

Download KingRoot for PC Windows | How to root Android with KingRoot PC?
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KingRoot PC allows you to root your Android Device using Windows PC. So to root your Android Device or Phone through Windows PC, download KingRoot for PC. If you are rooting means you will get the root access to your device. By default, the manufacturer will not give you the access to make the changes in the device or some settings. There are only a few settings that you are allowed to change. To change the device’s software or to alter the settings that you are not allowed, you need to gain the access. That access can be gained by downloading the KingRoot App.

It’s okay to download the KingRoot APK if you want to root your Android Mobile. But what if you need to root your PC or Laptop or any other Android Device? Here comes the use of KingRoot PC. The KingRoot Studio is providing both APK and PC versions Download. So, if you are looking to download a best rooting app for PC just go with ‘KingRoot for PC’. Is rooting safe? How to root my device using PC? How to install a rooting app for PC? Find solutions to all these questions from the below topics.

KingRoot for PC – KingRoot Para PC

Rooting can be considered as hacking because you can almost customize anything with your unlocked android device just like an admin. You can block ads, speed up your device, conserve battery, etc. by rooting your device. But remember that after you root your android device, the software warranty will be void. So, start rooting your android device with the most popular app called ‘KingRoot’. KingRoot App is the best application to root any Android Device. To root your Android Device with PC, KingRoot studios is providing the KingRoot PC application which you can download for Windows and make the rooting.

Some may use the King Root APK to root Android mobile/device itself. Some use PC version to root. You may ask why to use PC version when there is an APK version which roots your Android device without Personal Computer? But the KingRoot for PC version helps to support more android devices than the android (APK) version. That is, on installing the KingRoot PC Windows version you can root more devices compared to the APK Version.

KingRoot for PC image

How to install KingRoot for Windows PC/ Laptop?

  1. Download KingRoot PC from the link provided on this page.
  2. Click on the Downloaded file and Run setup file.
  3. Now, click on “ 下一步 ” to go to next screen.
  4. As it a Chinese application, the Chinese language appears. So, note 下一步 means Next and 取消 means Cancel.
  5. It asks for 我同意此 协议 (Agreement to terms). Select that and click on 下一步 (Next).
  6. Select the file location where you want to install or if you want you can just make it default.
  7. Now, Click on 下一步 (Next) and wait for the completion of installation.
  8. On completion of installation, click on 完成 (completed) to complete the setup.
  9. Thus, the KingRoot.exe for PC installed.

KingRoot PC exe image


Note: This application is a Chinese Application. But you may need KingRoot English PC version. To install it you don’t need to learn that language. Just follow the below process or steps and get the KingRoot PC English Version.

KingRoot PC Tutorial – How to Use KingRoot PC?

  1. Install the KingRoot for PC following the below simple steps.
  2. Plugin or Connect the Android device to your PC (Personal Computer) using the USB.
  3. Once your device is connected, KingRoot App will automatically detect your Android Device with Version and Model.
  4. If you have not installed your device driver on your Computer, then it may take some time. Because the KingRoot will install it. All you have to do is make sure your computer have an internet connection. Thus, it can complete the driver installation for you.
  5. This rooting app will automatically detect your Android device if you have already installed the device driver on your device.
  6. Now, enable the debug mode on your android device. To enable the debug mode, Go to Settings >> Developer option and turn on USB Debugging. Make sure you choose the correct version.
  7. Once you enable the debug mode or if it is already in enable mode. You will see the “尝试 Root” on Computer. Click on ‘尝试 Root’ (Attempt to Root).
  8. On clicking that, the rooting will begin. It shows a progress percentage % count.
  9. Wait until the rooting completes as it takes few minutes to complete.
  10. While the device is in rooting process, do not touch or move or disconnect that android device from the Computer.
  11. Your android device will reboot several times during the rooting process.
  12. Once the rooting completed, you will see a Root Succeed message with a tick on your PC. Thus, you have rooted your android device successfully.
  13. Now, you can close your application safely.
  14. During this process, your android device will reboot itself.
  15. Once your device is rebooted, you can install the root checker if you want to check whether your device was rooted successfully or not.

Points to remember before Rooting

  • Unrooting your device will not be possible once you root your device and then you don’t like rooting.
  • After you root your android device with this rooting application, the software warranty will be void.
  • During or after rooting, your device can be damaged/bricked. So, if you are not confident of rooting your device, first do some research, get some clarity and then start rooting.
  • Rooting just Unlocks your device settings to give you admin rights. But make sure you have knowledge and skill on making changes to the default settings. If not, don’t take risk of rooting your Android device using KingRoot for PC.

Baixar KingRoot PC – KingRoot Download for PC

Till now we have discussed what is KingRoot for PC, how to install KingRoot para PC, how to use it, etc. Now let’s make KingRoot PC download and root our Android Device safely. To download KingRoot for PC it’s not a complicated process. We are providing the application on this page, with which you can make KingRoot Download PC directly without searching the other sites. So, find the link below and download KingRoot PC within few minutes.

Once you baixar KingRoot PC, you can easily install and root your Android device following the simple steps above. We are providing only the original version of this application on our web page. So, you can Download KingRoot for PC on this page which is safe for your device. The KingRoot Para PC provided on this page is the latest version which is provided by the official site

Download KingRoot PC

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