KingRoot 4.5.0 APK Download – Latest KingRoot 4.5 Features

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Want to root your Android device? KingRoot 4.5 is the best option to root your smartphone or any other android device easily. It was officially released with new features. For some users rooting their smartphone is really hard. But they know what to do once the device was rooted. So, to overcome this and to root the device, KingRoot came up with one-click root access feature. This KingRoot app is updated to the new 4.5 version which is now supporting many Android devices including tablets.

This is designed for the people who are looking to root their device with the updated root application. It has the high rooting accuracy rate which helps in rooting the android device faster. It won’t brick your device if you have a complete knowledge on rooting. So, let’s know some more features and benefits of this KingRoot latest version and download the APK or PC version from this site. Before that know “Is rooting necessary or not”? This article is to let you know that the KingRoot is now available with the latest version 4.5.0 with many updated features.

KingRoot 4.5 image

KingRoot 4.5.0 Features

  • KingRoot APK 4.5.0 has 0% of bricking the device. i.e., your device won’t get blocked during the rooting process if you have a great knowledge on rooting.
  • It combines KU and KR along with new user interface. Also, it is a most powerful root tool.
  • On installing and rooting your android device with this KingRoot 4.5, the data in your device won’t get harmed. There will be no effect to pictures, videos, contacts, music, etc. on your device.
  • This version is available and supports Android smartphones, tablets, and a desktop (PC) version too.
  • Roots your device faster as it has a high rooting accuracy rate.

KingRoot 4.5 APK or PC supports a wide range of models and versions. You can download it on Android devices 2.x to 5.0 such as HTC series, Moto, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, Meizu, and ZT6. These are more attracting features of the KingRoot 4.5.0 app which you may not find in any other rooting apps.

Why should I use KingRoot 4.5 APK?

  • By rooting your device you can see the new world of apps which are not available in the default device i.e., device before rooting.
  • You may think of problems that occur with the battery life. But the KingRoot latest version solves that problem by offering you the significant savings in the power consumption.
  • It gives the root permissions, which makes you the real owner/admin of your android device. You can have the complete control over the property or device if once it is rooted.
  • With KingRoot 4.5 rooting, you can change the system files of your android device. That is, you can customize your device like never before. With this rooting, the level of customization is nearly limitless.
  • You can access additional features from other smartphones.
  • It strengthens the performances.
  • With Root permissions, you can automate everything.

KingRoot comes with simple features which assist you to complete the root process successfully. This is an advanced application which was released in Chinese version. But later the KingRoot Studios launched the app in English Version. KingRoot is the most dominating app in the market which makes you use the KingRoot 4.5 APK/PC version.

Benefits of KingRoot APK 4.5 or PC version

  • Supports almost any Android version and devices with different OS (Operating System).
  • It is 100% user-friendly. Also, you can easily download and launch the application on your PC/ Android phone/ Tablet.
  • You can install the app to your device easily with a direct link available on this page.
  • KingRoot gets updated with advanced features from time to time. There will be always newer versions available in the market. Now, the KingRoot 4.5 is the latest version available. The success rate is also high.

KingRoot is a cloud-based app which gives the finest root for your android device/phone. You can root almost any version of android, but the outcome will be in different ways even the devices are with same OS (Operating System). You can know the efficiency of the process before it works because the tool itself informs you about the productivity. The KingRoot requires the active internet connection for completing the rooting process successfully. You don’t require any guidelines to root the device because of its trouble free quality. But if you don’t have a knowledge on rooting or if you are confused while downloading, then follow the steps given below.

How to download KingRoot APK 4.5 for Android?

  1. Download the latest KingRoot version 4.5 from the links provided below.
  2. Before installing, enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ (Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’ > select ‘Unknown Sources’). So that, it will not show the ‘Installation Blocked’ messages during installation.
  3. Once the installation is completed, open the app from the file manager or click the notification from the drop-down.
  4. Now, click on a green button that appears on the screen.
  5. Wait till the rooting completes and you can see a green tick along with the blue bar.
  6. Click on that blue bar and install the RootChecker for your Android device. It checks and shows the result whether the device rooted or not.
  7. With the rooted device, you can alter the settings because now you are a complete owner of that device.

Download KingRoot Latest Version APK

As KingRoot updates frequently, the 4.5 version is the latest one which is available to download. At present many of them are downloading this version only. According to the recent strategies, KingRoot 4.5 APK or PC has the success rate of 70%. So, download the APK file from the link provided below.

KingRoot APK Download

How to download KingRoot PC 4.5 for Windows?

  1. Download KingRoot PC version 4.5 available below. This is the latest version with which you can root multiple devices.
  2. Run the Setup file and install the app on your PC.
  3. Connect your device to the Computer using the USB cable.
  4. The KingRoot automatically detects the device if the computer is installed with device drivers. If the system is not installed with the device drivers the KingRoot automatically download and installs it on your computer.
  5. Now, on your android device enable the debug mode by going to Settings > Developer option > turn on USB debugging.
  6. Now click on ‘Attempt to Root’ button and wait till the rooting completed. It takes a while to complete the root process because it checks the finest way to root your android device safely.
  7. Rooting begins with a progress % percentage count. Once the rooting completes 100% then you will see a Root Succeed message with a tick mark on your Personal Computer.
  8. During this rooting process, the KingRoot reboots the Android device several times. Don’t move or disconnect the device while rooting.
  9. Finally, you can close the application safely after rooting completed.
  10. Install Root Checker and check whether your android device rooted or not with PC.

KingRoot 4.5 Download – PC Version

Below is the KingRoot PC 4.5.0 version for Windows available for download. With this PC version, you can root the multiple devices, which is not possible with the APK version. So, Download KingRoot 4.5 PC from the link provided below.

KingRoot PC Download

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