Is KingRoot 100% Safe? Reasons Why I Should and Should not Root Android

Is KingRoot 100% Safe? Reasons Why I Should and Should not Root Android
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Before installing any app we all check whether that app is safe or not for our device. So you may want to know Is KingRoot Safe to use or not? Rooting is a process which needs some skills to alter the default settings. So to root any device you need to install a perfect app which is safe to your device. If you are ready to install KingRoot App first check how safe is KingRoot.

Don’t scratch your head thinking whether KingRoot APK is safe or not? It’s a common thing what we all do before installing an app. So, I made some research and got a solution for the question Is KingRoot Safe? Even if someone says that the KingRoot is safe we all look for user reviews, we worry about the viruses when we run the software, etc. Read this complete article and know solutions for is KingRoot Safe? Will it destroy my device? Will it install like tracking thing? Does it contain viruses?

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Is KingRoot Safe to Use for my Phone/Device?

KingRoot Studios had implemented this application with a group of developers. They work on improving the security of android smartphone. They always do ethical hacking to improve user experience and also help users to protect their android device. With its popularity in the market, we can say how hard they work to provide a best rooting app to the users.

This question ‘Is KingRoot Safe’ arises when one could not install the KingRoot app on their device. During installation, the APP verifier feature on android may show that the installation was blocked. Please don’t be worried if you see this type of warning during installation. Just follow the below steps and continue installing KingRoot App.

  1. Click on Show Details.
  2. Now, Tap ‘Install Anyway’.
  3. Finally, wait for the installation to complete.

Note: To avoid such warning messages, you could turn off the network connection during installation. Because network connection is enough for downloading not for installing. 😉

Conclusion: KingRoot is 100% safe as long as you download the original version. We in our website providing the original version that is same as in the official website. So on reading this, I hope there will be no such queries like Is KingRoot Safe? You can also Download KingRoot App from official site

Unrooting Android Devices

On KingRoot installation, if you think your device don’t need rooting or if you feel insecure on rooting or if you want to get the warranty service, then you can go for Unrooting KingRoot Application. Irrespective of your reason here I am providing the simple process to unroot android phone or device. Before unrooting your device let’s see some benefits of KingRoot. On rooting your device, you can get access to advanced functionality and can do any stuff that other people can’t do with their device. If you are new to the android rooting world, there are many terms that you may not know like bootloader and unlocking it, etc.

A bootloader is a software which is executed before any OS (Operating System) starts up. When you turn on your phone, the bootloader starts the android operating system. So they are stored in a special memory. Manufacturers lock the bootloader which makes you stick with the Operating System android version that comes with the device. To make the additional settings you need to unlock this bootloader i.e. you need to flash the custom ROM. KingRoot is the app which unlocks the bootloader to make you rooting the android device easily. These are benefits you can get by installing the KingRoot application. However still, if you want to uninstall or unroot android device you can follow the below steps.

How to unroot KingRoot?

  1. Uninstall KingRoot App from your android device. For this, Go to Settings << click on apps << search for KingRoot App << clear the Cache and Data in it << Click on Uninstall button.
  2. Launch or Install KingUser app. For this, search your list of apps and click on it to run.
  3. On the top right side of the app, you can find the settings. Tap on it.
  4. It directs you to the settings page where you can find few options.
  5. There, tap on the Root Authorization Setting << Remove Root Permission.
  6. Finally, a confirmation message will appear. Tap OK.
  7. You will get a notification that root has been removed from your phone. So, wait until that notification appears.
  8. Now, wait for the KingUser app to close and then reboot your android device.
  9. Using Root Checker, you can check or confirm whether you have removed root access or not.

Should I Root my Device or Not?

Before knowing about Is KingRoot safe or not? first, think about whether you need to root your android device or not. Some people use their smartphone just to talk, play games, enjoy the entertainment, etc. But, some people want to open up the inner elements and break the user contract to some extent.When you get an access to customize the operating system then you can use the smartphone as a real computer. If you got stuck with the question Should I Root?, just read the benefits and drawbacks of Rooting Android Device.

Benefits of Rooting

  • Maximum Performance: With the default android device or phone you will not be able to add certain programs, applications, etc. If you want to do additional settings in the OS, you need to open up the core. So, with KingRoot app you can unlock the bootloader and get the maximum performance. No need to think about Is KingRoot Safe regarding this benefit. Because it gives maximum performance on rooting your device with KingRoot App.
  • Control: On rooting your android device, you can get the complete control over your device. That is you can gain the admin access of your phone or device. You can do whatever you want with the device if once it is rooted. You will not have any restrictions from different companies. Rooting is the only way to get freedom for your device, data, technology, etc.
  • Features: Once you root your android device, you can find more and more features compared to the default device. You can take your android phone or device just how far you want to take with those mind blown features.

Drawbacks of Rooting

  • Bricking: In the process of Rooting your phone or device and when you load another Operating System or Kernal onto your device this Bricking happens. It turns your device into dead weight i.e., your phone or device becomes completely unusable. If you successfully rooted the device, then it is good. But if rooting is soft bricking your phone means, you can fix it by wiping the phone and restarting.
  • Stability Issues: Usually, the default OS is most stable. It is the tested OS and you are not allowed to make changes in setting accidentally. Because it can cause errors, freezes, and reboots. So, if there are any errors you made in the OS that can’t be modified. Because the other developers won’t have the resources to test their modified version of OS.
  • Voids your warranty: Rooting may void the warranty that was given to every phone when we buy. Due to this, the issues that come regularly will not be covered under the warranty.

KingRoot Review

Many of us including will install an application based on the reviews and ratings only. Not only us, the play store also displays the best rated and reviewed apps in the first place. So, the people will automatically install the rated app. KingRoot is one of the top rated root applications which many of the users downloaded and installed on their android device. If you are also looking for KingRoot review check the same from the below sections and decide whether to install that or not.

KingRoot User Reviews

  • KingRoot has the most popularity in the market and has positive reviews from many users.
  • Many of them say that the KingRoot is the only solutions for rooting your android device safely.
  • It works on almost all android devices as many users are saying that ‘it worked on my device perfectly’.
  • Some reviews say that KingRoot has only limited functionalities. So, to explore my device more I need to replace KingRoot with SuperSu. For them, the uninstallation process explained above.
  • Some reviewed that ‘I almost bricked my device’. This happens when you start the rooting without having proper knowledge.
  • There is a review that ‘KingRoot only rooted my device (LG tribute 2). When I went to SuperSU it bricked my device’. So, we can say that for some devices and versions KingRoot is the only king to root.
  • I have seen many reviews that ‘My device bricked when I tried to replace the KingUser with SuperSU’. This happens if you haven’t followed the instructions and proper guidelines while replacing the KingUser with SuperSU. Here I have provided a link to change KingRoot from SuperSU. Follow them and install SuperSU safely.
  • Many of them are asking ‘Why can’t I found it on Google Play Store?’ The safe and original version released only on the official website. From that, you can install the APK or PC version. Here on our site, we are providing the same original versions which are safe to download.
  • There are some devices like galaxy i527 mega 6.3, which locked their bootloader and makes the root nearly impossible. For such devices, the KingRoot is the best answer to root and unlock the bootloader. Also, it works fine after the rooting process is completed.
  • Some users are very happy to use KingRoot APK or PC version because they are able to use the applications that they can’t use before rooting the android device.

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