Download KingRoot APK (All Versions) | KingRoot for PC Features & Benefits

Download KingRoot APK (All Versions) | KingRoot for PC Features & Benefits
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Want to get admin access to your Android device? Rooting is the only way to unlock the bootloader. KingRoot APK 6.0.1 is the best solution for rooting your device. This is a Chinese app made for rooting your smartphones and PC as well. You can not find this app in the Google Play Store. So if you want to get this app, find the KingRoot APK Download link provided below. If you say, ‘Before downloading I need to know more about this app like How to download, how to use, etc.’ then also you should go through the below sections. 😉

I’m writing this article completely on KingRoot APK. So, whatever you need to know on this app, you can get the answer from this page. There are advantages and some drawbacks of rooting which are mentioned clearly on this page. So, after reading this if you want to root, the KingRoot download link is available. If you want to unroot the device, the Unroot process is also available. Should I Root or Not? If yes, which app I should use? Why only King Root? Is KingRoot Safe to use? Whatever your question is, the solution is here with my article.

KingRoot App – APK or PC Versions

Rooting gives you the complete rights to access your phone or any android device. If you use your device only for calling, texting, gaming, etc. then I think you obviously won’t look up for Rooting. But there are few who wants to explore their device more to alter the settings and use it as they like. So, for those people, Rooting comes into the picture. In any picture king is the one who grabs the attention of all users. So, here is the ‘KingRoot’ which plays that King role in the kingdom of Rooting.

KingRoot app was developed by the KingRoot Studio for your Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. This app supports the Android Version from 2.2 to 6 i.e., it supports almost all models of Android devices. With this KR, you can easily unlock the OS (Operating System). You can also install any unapproved app on your Android device. It is the safest way to root any of your Android devices.  If you don’t want to waste your time on rooting, go for KingRoot App which helps in just One-click root process. Before using this app, it is necessary to know the features of this app.

KingRoot APK Download

KingRoot Features

  • KingRoot is a most popular tool which supports a total of 104136 models.
  • It comes in both APK and PC installations.
  • KingRoot is a One-click root tool, which roots your Android device with just one click. It avoids the complications that occur while rooting manually in a long process.
  • Frequently Updates: This app is frequently updated to support new Android models. It also adds some new features to the previous version.
  • No active data connection required: To root your Android device, the app doesn’t need any active connectivity. The active connection is required only when you download and install the app. Once the installation completed, you can turn off the connection and root your device.
  • This app is free of cost. It costs nothing to download and install this app on your device. Just some data is required from your net connection.
  • It has the highest success rate of 98.2%. i.e., it rooted 98.2% of the total Android devices that downloaded it.
  • No special guidelines are required to root your android device using KingRoot APK. Just follow the below-mentioned instructions to root your device.
  • You can also uninstall the app if you want to unroot your device. Also, you can replace KingRoot with SuperSU if necessary.

Benefits of KingRoot

  • Speed Up: If you have a root access, you can speed up your android device by removing or freezing the unwanted apps that slow down your phone. You can even overclock to increase your device speed.
  • Save Battery: KingRoot uses an excellent technology with which you can gain administrative rights. It keeps your phone in top performance without draining the battery life. You can stop some selected apps from starting up automatically when you turn on the device. Thus, you save battery consumption effectively.
  • Uninstall Bloatware: There will be some pre-installed apps on your android device which are often called bloatware. They occupy much space in the device and cause it to slow down the speed and performance as well. So, with KingRoot you can uninstall bloatware.
  • Remove Ads: There will be many ads pop-up on our screen that irritates us while working on our device. With KingRoot application you can get administrator privileges which allow you to use some apps that block ads.
  • Better Backup: Rooting allows you to access essential files on your android device. You can choose data backup from a number of apps. These are only available to users who have rooted their device.
  • Customization: Once you made KingRoot APK download and rooted your device, you can install custom ROM to your device and make changes to your Operating System. You will have full admin rights after rooting your device. So, you can alter the settings as you like. You can modify and add additional features, unique themes, etc. Some apps won’t give you permission to install on your device. On rooting you can install and use the apps that you can’t before rooting. Customization is the main thing which all the users want on their Rooted device.

How to Download KingRoot APK?

  1. Open your phone’s browser and enter
  2. Click on Download KingRoot APK file. The ‘KingRoot APK Download’ link provided below.
  3. While downloading, the message like ‘This type of file can harm your device.’ may appear. Click on OK.KingRoot APK download image
  4. After completion of the download, drag the notification bar and click on the King Root notification to install.
  5.  If you receive an Installation blocked message then follow the below steps to continue your installation.
  6. Click on More details as shown below.KingRoot Installation Blocked Message image
  7. Tap on ‘Install anyway (unsafe)’ and now the Installation starts.KingRoot APK Installation image
  8. On completion of installation, it appears as shown below.Download KingRoot APK image
  9. If you have not enabled the ‘Unknown sources’ then the Install blocked message will appear as shown below.KingRoot APK free download image
  10. Here click on SETTINGS and go to ‘Lock screen and security’. There you can find the Unknown sources field. On enabling this, you are agreed to ‘allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources’.APK KingRoot Download image
  11. Tap on Unknown sources and Click ‘OK’. If you have already done this process then ignore the steps 9, 10 & 11.KingRoot Free Download APK image
  12. Now, click “install” on the System installation screen to start the installation.KingRoot APK install image
  13. On completion of installation, click on “open” to use the app.KingRoot App Download image
  14. To enter the main interface, click on “Try it”.KingRoot APK Latest Version image
  15. Finally, click on ‘Get now’ button and start rooting your android device.King Root APK image
  16. Now the rooting will be done by showing the percentage count on the screen as shown below.KingRoot APK English Version image
  17. If you want to check whether the root is successful or not, go to Google Play Store and download ‘RootChecker’. If your device is rooted then the Result appears as shown below.Descargar KingRoot APK image

KingRoot APK Download

If you want to download the Original version you have to make use of the Download KingRoot APK link provided below. Many sites provide the KingRoot APK Download link, but all those are not safe for your Android device. They may harm your device with unknown viruses, files, etc. So, the only way to keep your device safe is making KingRoot Download original version. You can also download it from the KingRoot official website These are the only ways to keep your Android device safe from viruses. These are the steps for KingRoot APK Download. Now, let’s see how to download KingRoot PC.

Download KingRoot for Android APK

How to Download KingRoot for PC?

  1. Download KingRoot PC from the link provided below or visit
  2. Click on the downloaded file and run the setup file.
  3. As it is a Chinese app, it shows the Chinese language. Don’t worry!! here are guidelines to help you install KingRoot PC English.
  4. It shows 下一步 (Next), 取消 (Cancel). To go the next screen, click on 下一步.
  5. Now it shows 我同意此 协议 (Agreement to terms). Select it, so that you are agreed to their terms and conditions.
  6. Click 下一步 (Next) to continue.
  7. It asks you to select the file location where you want to install that KingRoot.exe for PC. You can select the location or you can make it default.
  8. Click on 下一步 (Next) and wait till the installation completes.
  9. On completion of installation, click on 完成 (completed). Thus, the KingRoot.exe setup completed.

It’s time to root your android device using KingRoot PC. Till now you have seen the steps to download and install KingRoot for PC. Now, follow the below process carefully to know how to root android using Windows PC. Not all have the skill of rooting their device. If there is no proper knowledge on rooting then that may lead to device bricking. So, first know all about rooting and start rooting your device with PC following the below steps.

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How to root Android using KingRoot PC (Windows)?

  1. After installation of KingRoot for PC, connect your Android device to your PC via USB cable.
  2. The KingRoot in your computer will automatically detect the version and model of your Android device.
  3. This happens very fast if there is a device driver installed on your PC. If it is not installed, then it may take some time because the KingRoot itself will install the device driver on your PC.
  4. To complete this device driver installation, there must be an active internet connection for your PC.
  5. If you have already installed the device drivers, then the KingRoot will automatically detect your Android device within less time.
  6. Now, on your device enable the debug mode. To enable the debug mode Go to Settings < About phone.KingRoot PC debug
  7. There you can find a Build number as shown below.KingRoot PC Build Number
  8. Tap on that Build number for 7 times to become a developer. It shows a notification that ‘You are now a developer’.
  9. Now, go to Settings and tap on Developer Options.KingRoot for PC Developer options
  10. There you can find the USB Debugging option, enable it.USB Debugging
  11. It will ask ‘Allow USB debugging?’ Click on OK.
  12. After enabling the debug mode you can see the screen as shown below. Click on ” 尝试 Root ” (Attempt to Root).
  13. Now, the rooting will start with a progress percentage count as shown below.
  14. It takes some time to complete. So meanwhile, Do not move or touch or unplug the device.
  15. Your Android device will reboot several times during the rooting process.
  16. Once the rooting is completed you will see a Root completed message with a huge tick mark on your PC (Personal Computer).
  17. Now you have successfully rooted your android device using KingRoot PC. You can close the application.
  18. After the completion of the whole process, you can install a Root Checker app on your device and check whether it is rooted successfully or not.

Download KingRoot para PC Windows

Many of the users who root their device alone will prefer the KingRoot APK. But if you want to root multiple Android devices like SmartPhones, Tablets, etc. it is a long process to install the KingRoot for all devices. So, here comes the use of KingRoot PC. You can download KingRoot for PC original version from here and root multiple Android devices easily. You can also download KingRoot for Windows from the official website. So, make use of the below link and download the safe and secure PC version.

Download KingRoot for PC

Is KingRoot Safe to Use?

Till now you have seen all about KingRoot APK download, its installation, benefits, features, etc. But have you verified whether it is safe or not to your device? Rooting is a skillful process which may brick your device if you haven’t used proper root app. So, to keep your device safe, it is important to use best root app for your device. If you are going to use KingRoot to root your device first check whether KingRoot is safe or not. If the root app is not safe it may cause virus when you run the software or it may destroy your device or it may install on your device like a tracking thing, etc. So, to get free from all such problems, it is better to check is KingRoot safe to use or not.

Is KingRoot Safe or not

Replace KingRoot with SuperSU

If you are facing problems with KingRoot you obviously search for how to replace KingRoot with SuperSU. SuperSU is the most popular app which grants permissions and manages Superuser binaries. After making KingRoot APK download and rooting your Android device with it, it may get difficult to uninstall KingRoot app. Also, by default, it installs the KingUser app for granting Super User Permissions. I think, for these reasons you may want to remove KingRoot and install SuperSU. However, if you want to replace KingRoot with SuperSU irrespective of the reason then follow the below methods.

  • Replace KingRoot with SuperSU app
  • Change KingRoot to SuperUser using SuperSU Me app
  • Remove KingRoot and install SuperUser using Terminal Method.

How to Replace KingRoot with SuperSU app?

  1. Open the Google Play store on your Android device.
  2. Search for SuperSU app and click on the app from the search result.
  3. It will ask to Install or Cancel. Click on ‘Install’ and wait till the installation completes.
  4. After installation, open that SuperSU app and give permission as a Superuser.
  5. Now uninstall the KingRoot app and update the SuperUserbinary.
  6. Reboot your phone and see that KingRoot APK was replaced by SuperSU.

How to Change KingRoot to SuperUser using SuperSU Me app?

  1. Install the SuperSU Me Pro app from the Google Play store on your Android device or mobile.
  2. After installation, open the SuperSU Me Pro and click on Grant and give Superuser permissions.
  3. Click on the Big Green Android that appears on the screen.
  4. It takes maximum 2-3 minutes to replace KingRoot with SuperSU based on the device compatibility.
  5. Wait till the whole process completes. After that, it automatically launches the SuperSU app on your device.
  6. Now, you can uninstall the SuperSU Me Pro application from your device if you want.

If you have done the KingRoot APK download then, these are the two simple ways to replace KingRoot with SuperSU application. But if these methods didn’t work on your device, then go for the third method i.e., Terminal Method. It requires some commands to change KingRoot to SuperSU. So, to know that Terminal Method, make use of the below link.

Replace KingRoot to SuperUser using Terminal Method

KingRoot 4.0

  • KingRoot 4.0 version helps users to root easily with just one-click. This version is more stable and effective as well.
  • It is very easy to use because it is a tool with simple user interface.
  • This 4.0 KingRoot version manages all the software running permissions.
  • Also, with this 4.0 version app, you can easily unroot the device if you want.
  • The performance is better when compared to the other root apps.
  • Provides compatibility for many android devices.
  • You need to add a key to support the android versions 4.3, 4.4, 5.0.

The KingRoot Studios updates the app frequently to support more Android versions. Thus, this KingRoot 4.0.0 is also updated to KingRoot 4.1. If you want to download the KingRoot 4.0 version, click on the KingRoot APK download link provided below. Later, if you want you can update that version to the latest version. You can download both 4.0 APK and PC (Windows) versions from here.

Download KingRoot 4.0 Version

KingRoot 4.1

  • KingRoot 4.1 is the updated version of KingRoot 4.0 which supports the MediaTek powered Android devices.
  • This is a User-friendly tool for installing CWMs (ClockWordMods) and custom recoveries.
  • This version helps in rooting almost all android devices including MT67***CHIPSETS models.
  • You need not connect your Android device or phone to the PC or Computer to root it using KingRoot 4.1.
  • There will be extended battery life as it gives the best performance than other apps.
  • It improves the speed of your Android device as it boots up the system.
  • It helps in improving the device performance with its easy navigational menus.
  • The success rate of this 4.1 version is high.

This 4.1 version is also updated to version 4.5 to support more versions. Also, it adds some features to make your rooting successful. If you want to install this 4.1 KingRoot APK version, go with the KingRoot APK Download file provided below. Else, if you want to install the next version then continue reading the below topics. You can find latest versions with more features. If you are using this 4.1 version, you can update it to the latest version also.

Download KingRoot 4.1 version

KingRoot APK Download 4.5 Version

  • This is the most powerful version which combines both KingUser (KU) and KingRoot (KR) with new user interface.
  • It has 0% of device bricking. For this, you need to follow the guidelines carefully. If you have rooted the device without any knowledge then the device may brick.
  • There will be no effect on the data in your device on rooting your device with KingRoot 4.5.
  • It supports Android smartphones, desktop, and tablets also.
  • It has high accuracy rate. So, it roots your Android device faster.

Download this version from the link provided below. This is available in both APK and PC versions to support a wide range of Android models. It supports maximum all Android devices from 2.x to 5.0 versions such as Moto, Samsung, HTC series, Oppo, Lenovo, Huawei, Meizu, and ZT6. If you want to root more devices of different models or versions, download KingRoot APK Latest Version 6.0.1 available below.

Download KingRoot 4.5 Version

KingRoot 6.0.1 Download

  • This version has the capacity of rooting total 1,04,136 devices.
  • Just like 4.5 version, this KingRoot 6.0.1 version also doesn’t collect any information or important data from your device. So, you can trust this tool.
  • It has a success rate of 98% and you can run this on every device with versions 2.3 to 5.x.
  • This KingRoot weighs around 16 to 17 MB and comes with the build number 161.
  • It helps in battery saving and also speeds up your android device.
  • This KingRoot English 5.3.7 version is free to download and install. All it costs is some memory in your device.
  • It removes or fix some bugs and gives more attention in rooting. All this is to keep your device safe.
  • You can block auto-start, clear cache data and save battery with the help of KingRoot 5.0 APK file.
  • The root strategy will be deployed from the cloud without any third party recovery.

>>> Descargar KingRoot

There are still many features in this latest version of KingRoot. Enjoy all those amazing features by downloading KingRoot 6.0.1 APK, 5.3.7 from the below link. This is the latest version which is now available officially. Don’t search all other websites for KingRoot APK Download option. They may cause viruses so always download the original version from our site or official site. If there is another new updated version I will let you know immediately. Because I know that you all wait for the updates and new features. If you are facing any problem while installation or downloading, let me know through comments. Who knows!! my smart solution may help others including you 😉

Download KingRoot Latest Version